Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting Arrest at Assembly Row


Mirdik arrest age 38

During the early afternoon of November 7, 2014 this investigator was conducting a routine narcotic anti-theft interdiction surveillance within the Assembly Row commercial complex. While conducting the forenamed surveillance my attention was drawn to the above named defendant Cori Mirdik who was perusing the aisles of the Nike Factory Store located at Artisan Way Somerville, MA.

Visual surveillance was maintained of the defendant as she pore over various items of interest. It was noted that the defendant was in possession of an oversized handbag and a white colored jacket that she utilized to periodically secrete the handbag. While browsing within the shop the defendant was observed in possession of a pair of Nike Air Pegasus brand sneakers ( value= $79.00 ) that were placed inside of the handbag. In turn the defendant was observed absconding via the front entrance of the store in possession of the pilfered item.

The defendants dash triggered the department store security system as she exited from the shop failing to make financial amends. In response to the defendants actions this investigator gave chase seeking her apprehension. During the foot pursuit I announced myself and office and the defendant refused to cease her flight. At this time I observed the defendant discard the purloined item from the handbag to the pavement. Shortly thereafter the defendant was apprehended. While attempting to place the defendant into custody the defendant thrashed about resisting efforts to effectuate her capture. The defendant was not successful in negating her arrest. Upon being placed into the defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Department Headquarters for booking and processing.

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