“My Thanks” from Robert L. Cappucci, Jr.

To Whom It May Concern:

If you would please publish this editorial/public safety crime prevention tip, I would be most appreciative. Thank you.

“To my fellow Citizens of Medford, and to Somerville, precincts 4 to 7 in
Winchester and wards 9, 10 and 11 of Cambridge, I want to thank you all so very much for welcoming me into your homes when I knocked on over 8,000 doors in my race for State Senate in our beloved 2nd Middlesex District. I hope you will all join me in congratulating Senator Pat Jehlen of Somerville for her handy victory. I may not always agree with Senator Jehlen on how to resolve certain issues but I do believe she has the best interests in her heart for doing what is right as a representative on Beacon Hill. I hold no malice or grudge and I wish her well as our State Senator for the next two years.

I had an amazing experience, I learned a lot as a candidate and political activist, and I am a better man today for having run for local elective office. I encourage others to run for local office with all of my heart. We are blessed to live in America where any man or woman can put their name on the ballot and fight for their beliefs, their families, friends, and neighbors. I am honored by those who did vote for me and privileged to have had your kind support. I could never really thank you all enough. In the immediate future I will be spending quiet time with family, friends and my beautiful black lab, “Joey” who has been missing our dog walks on the beach. I am then going to quickly re-group my efforts and will definitely be a candidate in the 2015 municipal election cycle for Medford City Council. Like the song says, “I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again, You’re Never Going To Keep Me Down.” I look forward to that race and encourage others to throw their hat in the ring and fight for better government.

Finally, I have to make a public service announcement as crime prevention safety tips. First, of the 8,000+ doors I knocked on, several thousand houses had no numbers on their doors or bannisters so I strongly recommend that each citizen check their home to make sure the number address of your house is prominently displayed so that emergency services, if needed, will be able to read your numbers in as expedient a manner as possible. I spoke with the Chief of Police in Medford on the first Wednesday of the month during their scheduled community town hall last night and he said this does present a problem at times for officers and emergency service personnel so please folks, make sure your house is numbered.

Secondly, when I knocked on doors there were far too many times when young teenage ladies came to the door, opened it wide, and told me they were home alone. Unfortunately, we do live in a world that has sexual predators. To the parents and young ladies out there, please, advise your children when they are home alone, to never open a door for strangers, never announce they are home alone if they do open the door, and always try to talk through the door, a speaker system if you have one, or a window, or just ignore the person. If they are a legitimate candidate or sales person, they will leave their information on your door mat or inside the door and then leave. You never really know who may be knocking on your door. There are elections every year and special elections always arise for various reasons. One of the top platform planks of my campaign for State Senate this year was protection of citizens. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I encountered far too many young ladies who were trusting souls to open the door for me and tell me they were home alone. There are diabolical minds out there that count on that trust. In “All’s Well That End’s Well” William Shakespeare wrote: “Love All, Trust A Few, Do Harm To None.” Heed his timeless advice. Thank you.

Again, I can never thank you all enough for a wonderful campaign. I look forward to better days that always lay ahead. I will continue to fight the good fight and always be an advocate for limited government with fewer taxes and regulations, a strong educational system, and government’s first duty: protection of the citizens. May the blessings of liberty and God be with you all. Have a safe, wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Chanukah.

Always Respectfully Yours,

Robert L. Cappucci, Jr.
Medford, MA

One thought on ““My Thanks” from Robert L. Cappucci, Jr.”

  1. Hi Robert:
    I just want to say THANK YOU for all your work on the Campaign Trail and please plan to be a candidate again!
    I met you several times at different events and was very impressed with your conservative views! I am the little old lady from Dedham, MA.
    Thank you again and Take Care,
    Elaine DeGrandis

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