The Somerville Council on Aging will no longer be accepting applications for free smoke alarm / carbon monoxide detectors.

The Somerville Fire Department was one of several Massachusetts Cities and Towns to have received a portion of the Senior SAFE program grant, using it to install free smoke alarms /
carbon monoxide detectors in the homes of our older adults. Since April, when the program first started, over 400 free smoke alarms / carbon monoxide detectors have been installed in the homes of qualifying residents.
In addition to installing these important devices, The Somerville Fire Department worked on educating our older adults on fire safety and answering any concerns they might have had while the firefighters were in the homes working on installations. Some of the fire and burn risks for older adults include cooking, smoking, home oxygen use, electrical and heating dangers. Education specific to their circumstances is a crucial component of this program and improving the safety of older adults at home.
It is the hope of both the Somerville Fire Department and the Somerville Council on Aging that we will receive the grant again in the future. If you would like your name put on a waiting list should this grant be received again, please contact Maureen Bastardi at the Somerville Council on Aging at 617-625-6600, extension 2316.

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