Symphony Orchestra “Symphony for Our City” program

Council on Aging chosen for Boston
The latest positive outcome of the collaborative efforts of the Somerville Council on Aging and Teen Empowerment is a renewed partnership with the Boston Symphony Orchestra through the BSO’s Symphony for Our City program. Each year, the BSO partners with community-based organizations from the Greater Boston
area through an open application process. Being chosen as a partner means that the Council on Aging and Teen Empowerment will be invited to attend performances at Symphony Hall in Boston, Massachusetts and at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts.
Older adults and teens who may not otherwise listen to or appreciate symphony music will enjoy and learn about the music together. The first performance is scheduled for Friday evening, November 14th. This performance is part of Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Underscore Friday and will feature works from Tchaikovsky, Dean, and Stravinsky.
The UnderScore Friday Series offers a variation on the traditional BSO concert performance. Members of the BSO introduce the concerts from the stage, and during the 2014-15 season, each concert features a unique element, from multi-media to remarks from the conductor. This concert will also be the first time the group has seen the BSO’s new conductor, Andris Nelsons, in action. The performance will also mark the American premiere of Brett Dean’s trumpet concerto Dramatis persona.
“Last year, I saw real relationships form between older adults and young people,” says Janine Lotti, Senior Project Manager at the Council on Aging. “It will be great to work with TE to continue these positive relationships and to develop new ones. I know this year will provide us with a whole new set of rewarding experiences.”
For more information about the Symphony for Our City program and the Council on Aging’s participation in this program, contact Janine Lotti at (617)625-6600, ext. 2300.

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