Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Grosset arrest

While assigned to walking route #6 in uniform patrol, I observed a verbal altercation between a male and two females. The male was sitting on a bench in Statue Park, Davis Square. There was a second male with him, who didn’t take part. The first words I heard were from a woman, she said,
“You don’t talk to my wife like that. “The male said several anti-lesbian remarks. I heard him tell the women to “go suck a dick” and call one of the women, “a fuckin’ dyke.” I made it over to the bench and got in-between the women and the male. The one female was being held back by the other woman. The situation calmed down. The women called the man ignorant and started to walk to the bus stop. The man, later identified as Edwin Nathaniel Grossett jr., made another comment as the women walked away. I told him he needed to stop. He said, I’m not saying anything. He told me I needed to get the women away from him. I told him they were gone and that he was trying to further agitate. I stayed nearby. When the women were out of my sight, I saw Edwin Nathaniel Grossett jr. get up from the bench and cross College Ave in the direction of the women walking. I attempted to catch up. I heard him yelling before I arrived. Edwin Nathaniel Grossett jr. had approached the women a second time. One of the women threw her ice cream at him. As I approached, Mr. Grossett was wearing an ice cream and swearing. Meanwhile, One female was restraining the other who was trying to break free and go after him. I called for backup. I then placed Edwin Nathaniel Grossett jr. into custody for disorderly conduct.

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