Wright Arrest


On October 09, 2014 I, Officer Gravin Guillen was in full uniform assigned to marked unit E-3. At approximately 23:49 I was dispatched to Highland Ave along with E-2 operated by Ofc. Legros for a report of an assault. Upon arrival, I spoke with the RP.

He informed me that he was assaulted by a white male in his late 50’s and almost got run over by a black pickup truck. He was able to give us the plate of 555555. RP had told me that he was in his apartment, when he heard, ” I’ll fucking shoot you.” RP turned his attention back to his computer. He then told me about 3 seconds later, he heard banging at the door. He grabbed his axe that he leaves by his door and went out into the lobby. He noticed a white male with a screwdriver in his hand kicking the door in the vestibule area. The door glass then shattered. He chased Mr. Wright outside. Mr. Wright said to RP that he was going to get him good and the continued into the YMCA parking lot, got into a black pick-up truck, then heading for him. He said he got in between cars to avoid being hit. As the truck was driving by, RP took a swing at the truck striking it on the side. I had Somerville Control run it and it came back to a black ford pick-up.

RP had told me that the vehicle had fled towards Davis Sq. from Highland Ave. Several other units along with myself looked around the area. The vehicle came out of Glenwood Rd. Upon arrival at that location, the vehicle was not there. At approximately 00:09 Somerville Control reported that a male with the axe was chasing him. All units went back to Highland Ave. RP was not outside but another white male in his late 50’s was standing outside of the YMCA at Highland Ave. I asked him if he was the one who called 911 and he told me yes. He was later identified as Kenneth Wright. He informed me that he was being chased by a male in black clothing. RP came walking out of his apartment complex of Highland Ave and Mr. Wright told us that he was the man with the axe.

I went over to RP to confront him about chasing this man and he informed me that Mr. Wright was the gentleman from earlier who had kicked the door in, threatened him with a screwdriver, and got into his pick-up and tried to run him over. I asked if he was injured in any way and he replied no. I went back over to Mr. Wright and had told him what RP had told me. Mr. Wright denied everything only saying he was being chased by him with an axe. Other units again tried to find the pick-up truck but could not locate it. I will be logging in 1x Axe into evidence.

Mr. Wright was placed into custody and transported to Somerville Police Headquarters.

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