Juvenile Arrest


On the above date and time while I was assigned as street supervisor (s-9) Car #4 Off. Ubeda was sent to Radcliffe Rd to take a report of a B&E of a M.V. Further information was that there were two suspicious individuals also in the
area. I was nearby so I also responded.
When I arrived at that location I was met by RP who owns the vehicle in question a 2009 Nissan Murano. I observed that the Passenger side window was smashed and that the steering wheel was damaged and the airbag was missing. RP, who spoke limited English was talking on his cell phone and handed it to me to speak with his son. The son told me that when he went out to see the damage to his father’s vehicle he noticed two individuals walking on Radcliffe Rd towards Marshall St. The son stated he then got in his car and was following them and they (the suspicious individuals) were walking on School St approaching Highland Ave.
At that point I got in my cruiser and drove up School St. When I got to Highland Ave I was flagged down by Rp’s son who pointed out two individuals who were walking easterly on Highland Ave across from the high school. I then drove up towards these individuals and exited my cruiser and yelled for them to stop. I observed both individuals stop and look in my direction. I further observed the taller of the two suspects (juvenile) lean against a tree in front of Highland Ave and then both individuals continued walking disregarding my commands to stop. Car #3 Off. Khoury pulled ahead of the individuals at which point we were able to detain both individuals. Off. Khoury at that point found a black Survivor knife (16″knife 12″ blade with a double edge) at the base of the tree that the juvenile had leaned towards when I first arrived. a Pat frisk of juvenile revealed a full nip bottle of smirnoff green apple vodka from his front pocket.
The juvenile was placed under arrest, transported to the station in the wagon.

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