Reality Bites by James A. Norton

Management of many is the same as management of few. It is a matter of organization. – Sun Tzu

You know it struck me the other day. Since I was a very small child, I was always engaged by the grand stage of global politics and the role of the United States in it. Every President since then has intrigued me, for a number of reasons. Except our current one. There is nothing original or spectacular about this President, except the one obvious characteristic – nothing at all.

So that got me thinking about past Presidents – going backward and counting only those since WWII – the Presidents who have been lackluster have been only one (elected) term. Until this one. That’s sad to me. Those Presidents at least had some endearing qualities about them – something that engaged the mind and the spirit, if not the Nation – and the world as a whole.

A shame, really. Sure, it’s easy to wrapped up in the whole “he’s the worst President ever” mentality. That’s actually something that happens with every sitting President (except Kennedy) during this previously mentioned time-frame. The general consensus, at one time during their term, or another, is that they are an awful President, almost as bad as the previous one.

There’s been studies about this – why we are a people think this way. It’s too complicated for me to get into here, but, suffice it to say that we tend to remember good Presidents, even lackluster ones, after they’re out of office. I’m not entirely sure we will be thinking of the current one in this fashion.

You’re probably thinking I must hate this guy. Fact is, I haven’t spent any time whatsoever trying to get to know him, his policies, his agenda – to say that I find him unappealing in his choices, his personality and his lack of grace as the leader of the free world would be an incredible understatement. And I consider myself to be well informed about national and international politics – so how bad is it for the average citizen – who doesn’t care enough to even vote locally?

There’s almost no way to get out of this cycle on non-involvement with the process of electing leaders who have true forward-thinking vision. I can only hope that this President wakes up before he is the direct cause for even further drop in voter participation locally, regionally and nationally. This isn’t 1914 – we can’t as a people ignore national and international political issues – and if we don’t take care to examine the issues and pay more attention to potential candidates, then I guess we have noone to blame but ourselves. And that’s the biggest shame of all. #GMK

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