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Carreiro Arrest

On 09/12/14, I was assigned to Somerville marked unit East Four. At approximately 10:30 hours I was dispatched to Home Depot at Mystic Ave for the report of loss prevention personnel struggling with several shoplifters. Officer Isaacs was dispatched as well. Once on scene I
was informed that one of the individuals involved had fled the area in a motor vehicle bearing MA REG 458NJ2. I continued to the security office where loss prevention was holding two of the suspects. Detective Holland and Officer Isaacs met me on scene. In the loss prevention office I was greeted by two employees of Home Depot’s loss prevention staff. Two suspects later identified as Ronald Pynn and Paul Carreiro. Loss prevention informed me that Mr. Carreiro and another male, loaded a store cart with various decking materials and proceeded into the parking lot via the garden shop entrance, making no attempt to stop and pay for the materials which were valued at $651.21. As loss prevention approached Mr. Carreiro and the other male, the two were attempting to load the stolen property into the back of a red pickup truck bearing MA REG# R59856.

Loss prevention led Mr. Carreiro and Ronald Pynn inside, at this point the other male fled the area in a green Ford Explorer, bearing MA REG 458NJ2. This vehicle is registered to another individual. Loss prevention informed me that earlier on the same morning, these individuals were caught at an Everett Home Depot in an attempt to steal merchandise but were unsuccessful. Loss prevention staff at the Somerville location had the video footage from the Everett incident and recognized that the suspects involved in the Everett attempt were the same individuals that were stopped in their store. In an attempt to identify the party that assisted Mr. Carreiro in loading merchandise onto the store cart, loss prevention provided officers with a photograph that matched the RMV photo of Keith Pynn.

Mr. Carreiro was placed under arrest for larceny over $250. During transition from the security office to the wagon, Mr. Carreiro made a statement to the affect of , “I work for them and I’m going to jail.” During the booking process it was discovered that Mr. Carreiro had two outstanding warrants. I will be filing applications for criminal complaint against Ronald Pynn for the above mentioned charge.

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