Meet Deb Goldberg, candidate for Massachusetts Treasurer


Deb is running for Treasurer to help give every woman, man and family the financial power and skills they need to move ahead in today’s tough economy.
At a young age she learned business sense and progressive values are not mutually exclusive. Her family built Stop and Shop from a small grocery store into a place where generations of hardworking families had good paying union jobs with excellent benefits. Deb first worked at Stop and Shop as a retail clerk in UFCW 1445 and later as an executive within the company. From there she turned to public service, working in the non-profit world addressing issues facing children and families.

Deb’s focus has always been on helping others, devoting her time and energy to numerous non-profits throughout the Commonwealth. Goldberg has facilitated adoptions as the President of Adoptions with Love. She assisted the Greater Boston Food Bank and has worked on initiatives to lower obesity rates among immigrant and minority women in the city of Boston.

As the only woman running for Treasurer, Deb understands how much equality matters. One of her first acts will be to institute pay equity in the Treasurer’s office so that every woman doing the same job as a man will make the same amount of money. She will push for more women and minorities on corporate boards.

Deb knows how much financial literacy matters. She wants to make sure Massachusetts families understand how to manage money and the value of saving. She wants to require that all students be financially literate when they graduate high school and provide classes to everyone about credit card and retirement savings.

Deb is the Senate President’s appointee to the Treasurer’s Commonwealth Covenant Fund. This fund provides tuition reimbursement to graduates from state colleges who are working in the STEM fields but burdened by excessive college loans and financial challenges. She will expand this this program and work to increase funding.

Deb has a plan to help more kids go to college. Research shows that kids with college savings accounts are seven times more likely to go to college. Goldberg will work with local banks to start a college savings account for every kindergartner in a Massachusetts Public School. The money will come from banks, not taxpayers

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