A Message from Somerville Animal Control

We received 2 calls for dogs left in cars within minutes of each other this past week. The temperature in both cars

was 90+ degrees at 6:15pm even with all four windows open a few inches in both cases. Neither cars were parked in direct sun…light. Fortunately all of the dogs are OK (there were 2 in each vehicle) but all were exhibiting heat related symptoms (panting, glassy eyes, one was lying on its side not moving).

Please share this temperature table. It could save a life!! See More
This table reflects the temperature in a car left in direct sunlight with the windows “cracked open”. We have had several calls for dogs left in hot cars already this season, including one over the weekend where the temperature inside that car was 103 degrees.
Please, if you cannot take your dog indoors with you, leave them home.

2 thoughts on “A Message from Somerville Animal Control”

  1. I personally will NOT hesitate to smash a car window instantly if I EVER come across an animal left in a hot car! I don’t care where or when nor the consequences involved with this, my ONLY concern is for the animal! People who do this don’t deserve to have animals and just the thought of this makes my blood boil!

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