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Happy Birthday to the following Villens: Kathy Webber, Mark Moss, Dennis Hodgdon, Nicole Farrell, Marco Tulio Mariano, H. Robert Huke, KaitLyn Cargill, Robert Finos, Nathália Storch Braga, Dina Benevides and Meana Tuccinardi

As you may have noticed by now at this time we have decided to bow out of writing a story about the Cosmo Curtatone arrest. One reason is because we know both families oh to
very well, the accuser’s family and the accused’s family. We are very familiar with both of the accuser’s and the accused’s motives and their history of both playing the system. And the second more important reason why we decided to decline to write this
story is because in our opinion its simply not true! Nor does it have anything to do about politics or powerful political families or court protection, unless the news stations build it up a bit more to sell some breaking news because the news stations were all blind sided by the couple’s frivolous actions as well.
All the news stations are making it sound like something that it just isn’t. It’s a domestic dispute that’s been dragging on that got blown out of proportion as it has been doing for the past fifteen years, the very same way since we have known both parties to do so with their hair brain motives. All the news stories don’t tell you that the accuser is not some person that Curtatone just ran into but she is the accused Cosmo Curtatone’s wife and he lives there in Everett with the accuser and both have an adult child together and that every time Curtatone pulls an all nighter and doesn’t return home from being out on the town, a TRO is always filed to attempt to get him home at the cost of our tax payers. News stories claim that the accuser took her EBT card and wallet, but it doesn’t mention that she gave it to him to do their weekly food shopping. And we’re not just making this up either its fact, just look into it a bit further, read all the past fifteen years of police reports and you’ll see for yourself! The news stations reported that the accuser has filed fifteen restraining orders on the accused. This is true! But they aren’t telling you that fifteen times the accuser has never followed through on any restraining order because the couple would always kiss and make up at the end of the drama event when Curtatone would return home from his all night escapade. Do we think that this is right? Of course not. We are all totally against domestic violence and we are 100% for protecting spouses in bad situations. But in this circumstance both parties in our opinion are totally nuts and need help before someone gets really hurt! Whether wolf is being cried here or not just to get Cosmo Curtatone home at night is yet to be determined, but now its up to the judge and jury to decide! But again this is our opinion!
On April 19, 2014 the Somerville Youth Development and Boxing Club will be sponsoring a Jump Rope Marathon in honor of MIT & Somerville Police Officer Sean Collier. Sean was instrumental in establishing the Somerville Youth Development and Boxing Club in 2011 and the children and adults of the boxing club, who knew him, worked with him and loved him, will remember and honor him, his ethic of hard work and his selflessness by jumping rope continually for 10 hours. We are asking people to support our efforts by pledging any amount of money toward this cause. All proceeds will go to the Sean Collier Memorial Fund.
Please support our efforts by helping us get the word out through your media and/or by coming by and interviewing the kids that day. It is our hope to keep Sean’s memory and his spirit alive at the boxing club so that it will always serve as a never ending example for all the youth that walk through our doors.
For more information please contact :
Lee Williams (617) 893-8938
Join the Somerville Lions Club and Learn more about the world’s largest service organization. When it comes to meeting challenges, our response is simple: We serve. Our volunteer projects unite Lions around the community. And our work is unconditional. We aren’t limited by continents or restricted to certain causes. Lions help wherever, whenever and however we can. For more infomation email President Gene Brune at or Billy Tauro at
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  1. So you refuse to write a story but then proceed to write a story about it. This is a “news” website/paper is it not? And yet you intentionally are not reporting it? Real professional. What a joke of a paper and this is coming from a big Curtatone (Joe) fan.

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