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Pun arrest

On February 11, 2014 at approx. 7:40 PM while in plainclothes and standing in the front window of Broadway, The West Somerville Police Substation I
observed a male, identified at booking as DEVENDRA PUN, standing across the street in front of Broadway, smoking a cigarette. I then observed PUN walk across to my side where he met an unidentified male party in a grey Honda vehicle parked in front of Broadway. PUN proceeded to open the passenger door and I observed him counting out money and handing it to the male party who then handed him an item. PUN then closed the passenger door, put the item inside his left pants pocket and start heading back to the Store across the street. The vehicle immediately took off and I was unable to get the plate number. At this time, based on my training and experience I believed I had just observed a street level narcotics transaction.
I then informed my partner Officer Tim Sullivan who was inside the substation of what had just occurred. We both exited the substation and went inside the liquor store where we asked the clerk where the gentleman that just entered was and he stated he went into the bathroom. At this time the store was empty except for the clerk and PUN who was locked inside the bathroom.
Officer Sullivan and I, both with badges clearly displayed on our outer clothing, knocked on the bathroom door and identified ourselves as Police Officers and to open the door. PUN refused to open the door at first and then I heard a flush and the door unlock. I grabbed a hold of PUN who had his hands inside his pockets and told him to let me see his hands. PUN refused to show me his hands and Officer Sullivan and I grabbed hold of both arms and escorted him outside the bathroom fearing he might have a weapon or try to destroy evidence.
While Officer Sullivan and Uniformed Officer Pat Canty, who arrived on scene, detained PUN I entered the bathroom and observed a plastic baggie containing a brown powdery substance floating in the toilet water. I retrieved the baggie and in my training and experience noticed it was consistent with Heroin. While trying to place handcuffs on PUN and telling him he was under arrest PUN continued to pull away from us and try to prevent us from handcuffing him. PUN was placed under arrest for Possession Class A ( Heroin ) and Resisting Arrest.
Pun was transported to the station via 200 and booked .

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