Breno Giacomini Putting on Free Football Clinics at Malden’s Macdonald Stadium Has Somerville Roots


By William Tauro

Sure we were all down in the dumps after the tough Patriots loss a few weeks ago, but here is something to cheer for.

Hometown hero and class act World Champion Breno Giacomini that recently played for the NFC Championship and help trash the Denver Broncos 43-8 as an offensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks, has roots leading all the way back here to Somerville!

On Fox news the other day, ya sure they said this football player was from Malden, Massachusetts that is true, but
his roots are right here in Somerville and some even say , it’s where he learned to play football.

He attended the Cummings School on Prescott Street , until
The 7th or 8th grade.

Even at a early age, he was a tall Brazilian boy that loved to play soccer everyday on the fields of Somerville.

Mr. Gilberti, was the principal of the Cummings School at that time just to refresh some memories if anyone recalls seeing him around the Ville during that time period!

Back at that time, later that year, the Giacomini family did move and relocate to Malden and Breno was enrolled into the Malden School System .

Earlier this year, Breno showed his love for his new home town of Malden by putting on a free football clinic at Macdonald Stadium.

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