Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Solomon arrest

The following is a brief summary of facts and events pertaining to case # 14003725

On the above date and time while in uniform patrol assigned to marked cruiser East two, along with officer Pasqualino assigned to marked cruiser East Three. We were both dispatched to 103 Marion Street apartment three for a report of a fight between two females parties.

Upon our arrival we were both greeted by the reporting party, said that two of her sisters were having a verbal argument ( , in front of the dwelling. rp added, once her niece ( Justina Solomon D.O.B. Sept. 16, 1993) heard all the screams and saw her mother was involved she rushed down stairs to assist her mother. When rp took a look out side the window she saw that Ms Solomon had v by the neck and heard her say, ” I am going “. soon after that all three of them went their separate ways.

Officer Pasqualino Spoke to the victim of this matter, . He observed minor swelling on her neck.

v said that she was having a verbal argument with her sister , when Ms. Solomon came out side, got in between both of them and grabbed her by the neck and said ” I am going to ” soon after she stopped and they all went their own ways. v did say she had been drinking prior the incident.

Officer pasqualino spoke to v she said she had a verbal argument with her sister her daughter came out and got between both them trying to help her.

When Officer Pasqualino asked where Ms. Solomon was, rp said that she had left the house. Officer Pasqualino was able to contact Ms. Solomon and asked her to meet us at the Somerville Police Station so that we could hear her side of the story.

Officer Pasqualino and I met up with Ms. Solomon at the Somerville Police Department. Ms. Solomon said that she was sleeping in her bed room, and the screams of her mother and aunt woke her up, she then rushed down stairs to prevent the matter to get physical. Ms. Solomon said that her v pushed her so she pushed her back then everyone went on their way.

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