The Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person of the Week Mayor Eugene Brune

In the words of Greater Somerville’s Talk Show Host, Joe Lynch, “If you’ve ever wondered who the Somerville High

School Field House was named after, he is the former multi-term Alderman and Mayor of Somerville and former multi-term Middlesex South Register of Deeds, Eugene C. Brune!”

Gene Brune, a great alderman, a great mayor, a great registrar, a great author and a great friend to the people of Somerville.

A dedicated member of Somerville Rotary, the Somerville Kiwanis and current president of the Somerville Lions Club, along with many other charitable community organizations that he continuously supports to this very day, every day, Gene Brune is always there to lend a helping hand to fellow Somervillians!

The Somerville News Weekly applauds, congratulates and thanks you for all that you do!

Somerville honored Gene Brune by naming him Somerville Mayor Emeritus

By William Tauro

At their Tuesday meeting on November 20, 2012, The Somerville Board of Aldermen presented retiring Register of Deeds Gene Brune a special honor for his ten years serving as the mayor of Somerville. Mayor Curtatone, Alderman Jack Connolly and Alderman Maryann Heuston spoke of the progress that was made during the ten years of the Brune Administration.

They each spoke of the trying financial times that Mayor Brune had to endure as he began his first term, particularly in facing proposition 2 1/2 where he had no choice but to reduce property taxes by 15% for the next three years.

Also, the April 3, 1980 major chemical spill caused Mayor Brune to evacuate over 14 thousand people. Under his leadership much was accomplished, such as bringing the Red Line into Davis Square, building a new Comprehensive High School, a new Police Station, forcing legislation to eliminate elected assessors and bring in professionals to do their job. Also, for starting many of the programs that are still going on today.

For all of the above and for much more, the mayor and the aldermen confer the Honor of Mayor Emeritus to Gene Brune. Alderman Heuston stated that this will be the first time in Somerville history that a mayor has received this honor. The title of Mayor Emeritus allows Brune to hold the rank as an honorary title for life.

Mayor Brune thanked Mayor Curtatone and the Board of Aldermen for the honor and expressed how pleased he was to receive it.


Gene Brune, he’s a regular guy with a big heart and a never-ending love for Somerville where he calls home!

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