WEDS.: East ‘ville Community Meeting, Cultural Block Parties

Calling East Somerville Cultural Talent &
Cultural Block Party Producers!


Weds. 2/5, 7:00-8:30pm
Mudflat Studio, 81 Broadway

Do you have an idea for a great celebration?

Do you have cultural traditions reflective of East Somerville to share?

Have you ever wanted to host a neighborhood party? Here is your chance!

East Somerville Main Streets, in partnership with Somerville Arts Council, will be facilitating monthly cultural block parties in the new Chuckie Harris Park, behind the Senior Center on Cross Street as part of the 2-year This is East, cultural placemaking project. Our mission is to create a “Cultural Corner” on Cross Street East and share the rich diversity of East Somerville in a family-friendly party atmosphere. Block parties will incorporate East Somerville’s traditions in storytelling, music, dance, cooking, and cultural and crafting skill shares. We are currently seeking community members to produce, co-host and participate in these neighborhood gatherings.

The monthly block parties will incorporate:
Cultural traditions – traditions representing the diversity of East Somerville, for example wine making, family rituals, historic events like May Day
Storytelling – sharing family and neighborhood stories
Music – traditional music from your country of origin or from this neighborhood
Dance – family group dance and performance
Family recipes – an opportunity to share your best culinary delights
The Producer Application will be made available at the meeting. Producers will be able to apply for funding and production support. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please email for a copy of the application or with questions.

More about the THIS IS EAST project:

This month marks the beginning of activities for a two-year grant in East Somerville funded by the National Endowment for the Arts “Our Town” Grant

The project, titled This is East, aims to both celebrate the cultural assets of East Somerville and increase the vibrancy of the neighborhood’s public spaces and streetscapes through free events, workshops and public art projects that capture the stories of East Somerville residents, artisans and business owners. The grant’s mission is to further highlight the East Somerville area as an important cultural destination both in Somerville and in the Greater Boston area. A robust calendar of events will soon be made public and will include a series of cultural block parties, a mural project led by Mudflat Pottery School, and various other arts events.

This is East Partners:

Learn. Connect. Donate.

Your voice. Your vision. Your main streets.

Please visit our website or call East Somerville Main Streets at 617.623.3869
for more information.

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