Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Cardalino arrest

On January 17, 2014, I, Officer Michael Capasso was dispatched to
Henderson Street for a report of a domestic assault. Upon arrival, I was met at the door by Mrs. Linda Cardalino, who was yelling that she wanted her daughter out of the house. As I walked past Mrs. Cardalino, I could smell an odor of alcohol emanating from her person, and observed several empty beer cans on the kitchen counter.

I walked upstairs and spoke to victim, who was visibly upset. She stated that Mrs. Cardalino became angry and made her way into victim’s bedroom. Mrs. Cardalino forced the door open, and punched victim on the arm while she was sleeping in her bed. The victim was able to prevent her mother from continuing to strike her by grabbing a hold or her wrists. She then stated that her mother attempted to knock off her items from one of her dresser’s and left her room.

I attempted to speak with Mrs. Cardalino about her level of intoxication, to which she stated that she only had “a few beers. At this point, Officer Khoury placed Mrs. Cardalino under arrest for the assault and battery.

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