Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Gonzales arrest

I was dispatched to Otis St. for a report of a domestic situation.

Myself and Officer Soares proceeded upstairs to the apartment and spoke with a witness. Witness stated her son and his girlfriend got into a fight . Witness stated that victim was sitting on the sofa and Ms. Gonzales got in his face yelling and screaming at him and at one point pushed him, starting the physical altercation. Ms. Gonzales then began swinging. I observed scratches to victim’s face with fresh blood.
I asked victim what had transpired and he stated Ms. Gonzales had a verbal argument. Victim stated he was sitting on the sofa and Ms. Gonzales got in his face and began swinging at him scratching his face. He got up off the sofa putting his hands in front of him telling Ms. Gonzales “to chill.” He pushed Ms. Gonzales to get her off of him.

I then went to the front of the house to speak with Ms. Gonzales again and informed her of the victim’s injuries and that statements were made that she pushed him first and she stated “I pushed him because he was yelling at me.”

It was determined that Ms. Gonzales was placed under arrest for assault and battery .

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