Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Karki arrest

On January 16, 2014 at 19:55 hours, I Officer Beckford, and Officer Teves
were driving the prisoner transport vehicle, back to the Somerville Police Station. While on McGrath Hwy, we noticed a man, and a woman who were crossing the street on a green light. I firmly pressed the brakes to avoid hitting them. The man who was later identified as Mr. Bijendra Karki. Mr. Karki couldn’t stand on his own power, and was walking in a zigzag pattern on the cross walk. Mr. Karki pulled his pants down on Chester Ave, and he urinated on the sidewalk. I rolled down the window, and advised Mr. Karki to stop urinating in public. Victim attempted to stop him, but when she got close he swung his arm in a violent motion. Mr. Karki didn’t connect with his violent swing. Mr. Karki started urinating once again. Mr. Karki with an open hand shoved victim into the middle of Chester Ave in a violent manner. I then immediately activated the blue light and drove over to Chester Ave. When I confronted Mr. Karki about what I saw, he stated weI are just playing . I could smell the alcoholic beverage on his breath. I then placed Mr. Karki under arrest for assault and battery.

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