Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Vowells arrest

At approximately 9:07 AM, I received a dispatch for a report of a possible fight
occurring in the area of Hudson St. I arrived a short time later, along with units West-5 and West-6 Upon arriving, I observed a female standing on the porch of Hudson St.

I spoke with Vowells who indicated that she had been arguing with her boyfriend.I observed that Vowells’ lower lip was cut and bleeding.

I spoke with witness who stated that he was arguing with Vowells over her heroin addiction. Vowells had recently obtained some heroin. She kept her heroin kit in an eyeglasses case and it was the first thing she had grabbed when she went to leave.

I went back to Vowells and asked her where she had put her “kit” or “works”. Vowells stated that she did not know what that meant. The top of the bag was open and I could see a grey eyeglasses case sitting on the top in plain view.

I brought the bag to Vowells.Inside the eyeglasses case I discovered, what I know to be heroin “works”, along with a hypodermic needle full of brown liquid that I believe to be heroin, and small glass jar with liquid that I believe to be heroin.

Vowells was placed under arrest. After being placed in handcuffs, Vowells stated that I could search through her bag. A search of her bag revealed a glass pipe with a white powdery substance caked on it. Vowells stated that it was a heroin pipe and the residue was most likely heroin.

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