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Jesse Weed arrest

1/17/2014 at 4:11pm, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, while operating marked cruiser East 4, was dispatched to Jackson Rd along with Officer’s Tim Sullivan and Cassandra Goncalves (K3) for a dispute amongst roommates.

Victim wanted to report his computer and electric heater stolen. He believes his roommate, Jesse Weed, stole these items. As Officer Goncalves spoke with victim I went to the bedroom and knocked. After receiving no answer, I knocked harder. The door then flew open and a white male, Jesse Weed, began yelling at us in an agitated state about his stolen laptop. Several attempts by myself and Officer Sullivan to calm down Weed fell on deaf ears, and it became apparent that it would be impossible to communicate with him. In plain view I observed the electric heater that victim was reporting stolen. I did advise Weed that the electric heater was being reported stolen and he should bring it back to his roommate. He reluctantly complied, but refused to discuss any other issues with us. He would only yell that his laptop was stolen, and that now he was being accused of a crime.

I learned from Officer Goncalves that there have been ongoing issues with Weed and the current roommates. Weed believes that the roommates stole his laptop, although he has no evidence to support that claim. I did observe numerous cable wires in the hallway that were cut, but nobody witnessed how they were cut.

As we spoke with the other residents, Weed exited his room and yelled. Weed returned to his room, and as we finished advising the victim, Somerville Control called me to report Weed was calling 9-1-1 to complain. I again spoke with Weed, who had nothing new to report, and he returned to his room.

Sgt. Macarelli arrived on scene to speak with Weed in attempt to calm him down. As we ascended the stairs, Weed was now located on his front porch outside. As Sgt. Macarelli spoke with Weed, he became louder and louder and began to make a scene. I noticed that a group of onlookers were now assembled in the street, and neighbors were in their windows looking. . At this time I informed Weed he was under arrest and to turn around and place his hands behind his back. Weed began to pull away and resist. Weed ignored all our verbal commands, and began screaming.

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