Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Dejusus arrest

On December 26, 2013,I was assigned to marked cruiser 662. At approximately, 2109, I Officer Randy
Isaacs along with Officers Brioso, Anderson, and Fusco were dispatched to Washington St for a family disturbance. Upon arrival, I was met by witness, who informed me that Miss Crecencia De Jesus was attacking her boyfriend, victim. w informed me that she was inside of her bedroom, witness2. They heard yelling and screaming, and shortly after they heard what sounded like a fight.They left their room to investigate the disturbance. When they walked in they observed Miss De Jesus with both hands around v’s neck strangling him. At that time witness2 jumped in and pulled Miss De Jesus off and separated them.
Officer Brioso translated for me with v, who did not speak English. v said that he and his girlfriend were in their bedroom, drinking alcohol. They began to argue because v did not buy any Christmas gifts for Miss De Jesus. Miss De Jesus left and got a knife from the kitchen. She then returned to the bedroom and attacked v with the knife. v stated that she was attempting to cut his throat with the knife. They began to struggle while v tried to take the knife away from Miss De Jesus. While trying to take the knife away from her, Miss De Jesus cut her right index finger. After the knife was taken away from Miss De Jesus she continued to attack v, scratching him, and strangling him.
After the fight was stopped, Miss De Jesus brought the knife back into the kitchen. v identified the knife for me and it was secured to be turned in for evidence. At that time Cataldo Ambulance was notified to treat Miss De Jesus’s finger. She was treated on the scene and but refused transport to a hospital.
Miss De Jesus was placed under arrest, and transported to the Somerville Police Station by the mobile detention unit #200. Ms De Jesus is being charged with MGL c265 S15(B) Assault W/Dangerous Weapon, and MGL c265 S13(A) Assault & Battery. v was advised of his 209 A rights and to seek a restraining order.

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