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Sanchez arrest A&B DW

The following is a brief summary of the facts that pertain to incident #13047129.

On the above time and date while assigned to marked unit East 1, I along with East 4 Officer Guillen, and Sierra 8 Sgt.Tam, Responded to Pearl Street for the report of a dispute. Upon arrival we observed A male identified as witness1 , Along with a female identified as witness 2 Arguing with a drunk male identified as Carlos Sanchez (DOB 08/28/1991) on the front porch of the residence. I along with Sgt. Tam then separated the group by taking w1and w2 inside as officer Guillen waited outside with Mr. Sanchez.

As we made our way inside the residence to find out what had transpired, we could see a stereo system that was smashed on the floor. w1 who was present during the altercation and w2 advised us that victim and Mr. Sanchez are roommates and that she had some alcoholic beverages with him during the evening and that he started to have a argument with her. v then decided that she and her two year old son were going to leave the residence for the night because she did not want to deal with Mr. Sanchez.

Mr. Sanchez while in the kitchen then pushed her stereo off the counter causing it to smash in pieces, and grabbed a knife from the counter and while holding the knife in his hand stated to her that he would stab her if she left. Mr.Sanchez then put the knife down and walked to the front porch where we found them all arguing on our arrival.

Mr.Sanchez was then placed under arrest for the above referenced charges and Transported to the station by officer Riviera so that he can be booked by the Shift Commander Sgt. Campbell. v was advised of her 209 A rights, and the knife used in the incident was placed into evidence. I will also be filing a 51A report.

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