Help Rally for Jess who is battling breast cancer and liver cancer


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Hey Billy,
Not sure if you can do any type of “story” for this.
Jessica currently lives in Ashland, grew up in Natick. She a friend’s daughter battling breast cancer and liver cancer.
They are having a rally for her, which I have attached the link to.

If you can do anything to get it out there great, if not, I completely underetand.


‘Help Rally for Jess’

You’re too young for cancer.”
“It’s probably just a cyst.”
“You have no family history or risk factors.”
These are some of the assurances Jess Ward heard when she first found a lump in her breast in July 2013. Unfortunately, only a few short months later Jess, a 37 year-old much loved mother, fiancé, daughter, sister, aunt and friend is now battling stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis to her liver and bones.
Jess has always been fiercely independent, healthy, and hard working. She worked full time while raising her two beautiful daughters, Hannah 5 and Isabel 3. This advanced cancer has no cure, and she will be receiving chemotherapy and other treatments for the rest of her life. Jess is also waiting to have a double mastectomy. Working is no longer an option, a difficult concept for someone who has always proudly provided for herself and daughters.
Metastatic breast cancer is a chronic illness, which provides little certainty for what the future may bring. In light of Jess’ current condition, a dedicated and determined group of family and friends are planning a fundraiser, however you may make a direct donation here. All donations made through will do directly to The Jessica Ward Support Trust. Donations by mail can be sent to: PO Box 191 Ashland, MA 01721. Our goal is to secure whatever funds necessary so Jess may focus on her family and her fight. Thank You for Generosity!
Any questions please contact Emily:
Rally Name: Jessica Ward

Number of supporters: 52


Rally Leader: We Rally For Jess

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