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Officer Report: 13043775 – 1 / GUILLEN, G (304)
Date/Time of Report Type of Report Review Status
11/24/2013 04:10:17 INCIDENT COMPLETED

The following is a summary,

On November, 24, 2013, I, Officer Gravin Guillen, along with Ofc. Jason Costa, were in full uniform assigned to marked unit E-1. At approximately 03:38, we were dispatched to the La Quinta Inn #530 Cummings St. for a noisy and unwanted group in hotel room 530. E-4 operated by Ofc. Christopher Collete also responded.

Upon arrival, we spoke with the staff. They informed us that several
other rooms contacted the front desk to explain that room 530 was being loud and they heard glass shattering and a fight breaking out. Other rooms kept calling multiple times that they would not stop. They were annoyed and agitated on what was transpiring and complained to the manager. The staff went upstairs and talked to them and told them to quiet down. They told me that they went up about three times. That is when they contacted the police. The manager was annoyed and aggravated from the behavior coming from the room. We then went to room 530. We knocked and there was no answer. We knocked again to no answer. The third time, an individual came out. We told him that he needed to leave that he was causing to much noise. He replied, ” I am leaving.” I told him to stay put until we found out what was going on and that we got everyone else out of the room. There were two others asleep in the room. We woke them up and told them they had to leave. We looked in the room and there were clear signs of damage to the room. There were broken glass bottles everywhere. When we asked the three individuals all 3 said they were sleeping and that they didn’t know. I asked them where the person was who booked the room and they said that they didn’t know either. I told them that he was going to get charged for the room and the damages and that they were responsible also. Mr. Calixte became more disruptive and violent shouting and saying we could not do anything that he was sleeping. We told him several times to quiet down and he kept on shouting and using vulgar language. We attempted multiple times to quiet him down and told him that there are other people staying here trying to sleep. He would not quite down and his behavior was clearly unacceptable to us so we placed him into custody for Disorderly Conduct. The whole time he was using offensive language and still would not keep quite I would like to add there were several people in the lobby observing him shouting and being loud. He was transported to the Somerville Police Station via unit #200 by Ofc. Oliveira and booked by Lt. Sheehan in the usual manner.

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