MASS MADE (H 229/S 139)

By Bob Katzen

The Community Development and Small Businesses Committee held a hearing on a measure that would create a MassMade program designed to identify, connect and support businesses that produce consumer goods in Massachusetts; identify obstacles to conducting business in the Bay State; and act as a resource for consumers seeking consumer goods made in Massachusetts. MassMade would develop a searchable online directory of Massachusetts-based manufacturers and consumer goods companies, helping to connect them with potential customers.

“We all know the benefits of shopping locally and keeping our consumer dollars circulating here in the commonwealth,” said House sponsor Rep. Josh Cutler (D-Duxbury). “Knowing which goods and products are ‘MassMade’ makes that goal a lot easier.”

“Promoting businesses that are headquartered or produce goods right here in Massachusetts is not only a boost to the businesses themselves, it benefits our commonwealth as a whole as well,” said Senate sponsor Sen. John Velis (D-Westfield). “These are jobs and key players in our local economy. This bill seeks to support those businesses that choose to invest in our state while providing a user-friendly way for consumers to find where and how they can purchase those products that have ties to our communities.”

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