City of Somerville Ill Prepared For Massive Gang Threat

By William Tauro

This past Saturday morning, a Somerville Police Officer contacted me at 5:00 AM this morning to let me know that a planned attack posted on social media on Assembly Row was scheduled to happen a 3:00 PM this afternoon. The officer was in total disgust that the mayor didn’t plan nor put out a public warning on it.

So now today, unfortunately the Somerville Police Department only has four police officers on overtime who will be available to be there. The officer stated that the mayor who didn’t send a response to Somerville residents nor an assessment of officers to be prepare for this possible threat. I was informed that Mass State and a SWAT team from another city will be there as well just in case to back up the four Somerville Police officers is needed.

Even the city of Medford posted a warning out to it’s own city stating that this was happening in Somerville to be prepared so their residence would be ready.

I was told that this is the same gang that tore apart the Southbay Mall last week ramsacking stores, assaulted multiple patrons and caused a lot of damage breaking windows and furnishings.

Where I reside at Avalon at Assembly Row also they took the time and consideration to inform their own residents with the following email to it’s residents stating:”Dear Residents-
You may notice an increased Police and Security presence within the Assembly Row neighborhood today. This is being done as a precautionary measure due to social media posts related to possible melee fights occurring in the area.
If you see or hear anything that could assist with keeping the neighborhood safe and secure, please contact the Somerville Police by calling 617-625-1600, or by dialing 911.”

Preparation, response and communication is vital for all sorts of emergencies, especially something like this, even if it’s a warning you have to be ready so people be prepared, avoid the area and not get hurt. All threats should be taken seriously and the public should always be informed. It’s call common sense!

Atleast Medford sending warnings
Where’s Somerville?

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