What I Would Do As Mayor At Gilman Square

By William Tauro

For decades our elected officials dragged their feet and sat on their hands always leaving the Gilman Square Neighborhood on the back burner as they have done so in many other Somerville neighborhoods as well. This part of the city has been denied the opportunity to grow and flourish for years.

If it were up to me, I would suggest and move forward on putting the parking garage on Medford Street at the site of the collapsed garage, the old A1 Auto Body Shop. I would also push diligently to move forward in turning the dirt pit area that sits there now next to the neighborhood into a reality of the renderings that members of Gilman Square have dreamt of being accomplished as you see here in this posting. It’s a no-brainer. There will be plenty of parking for the school and Gilman Square community will thrive as a wonderful community to live, play and work in and Gilman Square would be reconnected as a vital part of our city for all to enjoy. 

Actions speak volumes and I would definitely get the job done for the betterment of Somerville. I have wonderful community improvement ideas and economical solutions for every neighborhood in our city.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime where I am always willing to meet and discuss a better Somerville for all. “When just ok, just isn’t good enough!”

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