Lower Broadway Somerville Beginning to Resemble Mass and Cass

By William Tauro

This is Lower Broadway at Franklin Street. This area is loaded with individuals saturated with alcohol, and other substances while sleeping in the doorways along lower Broadway (day and night) in Somerville.

It’s actually beginning to look like another Mass and Cass as it was coincidentally on the news yesterday and today and describes it as becoming increasingly dangerous as Boston eyes long term solutions.

Somerville Police, Fire and an Ambulance were called to the area this past Thursday and observed, after numerous complaints. Out of 8 individuals, 6 were allowed to stagger away, and 2 were taken by ambulance.

Something must be done to help these people and get them the necessary treatment that they so seriously need to enable them to live their lives with stability and keep them off the streets. Our elected officials have done absolutely nothing in the past two years to address this issue, especially right here on lower Broadway.

Local vendors were elated….after numerous complaints. Local shop owners and residents of this area are furious of the horrible conditions that exist today at lower Broadway and the problem that it has transformed into. 

Mass and Cass becoming increasingly dangerous as Boston eyes long term solutions

4 thoughts on “Lower Broadway Somerville Beginning to Resemble Mass and Cass”

  1. if the pols do not address the problem tell them they will not get your vote.

    If they do not know how to fix the problem then ask for suggestions from the public.

  2. While driving by the Police Station on Lower Broadway we saw a man sitting in the next doorway shooting up in broad daylight. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Another time we were coming out of one of the local restaurants and witnessed a man who was legless from obviously too much alcohol because he was walking with an open pint of beer and barely made it to the other side of Broadway. So sad.

  3. THis is a perfect example of a blind eye by those elected to office in the city. All the Federal, State and local money spent on store front improvement, streetscapes, bike lanes and community celebrations does not change two big problems at the East entry to Somerville.
    Its time to stop the public drinking, intoxication, urination and unnecessary public nuisance caused by those loitering and Broadway brake.

    Instead of climate change, fossil fuel usage, rent control and higher taxes. Lets start by cleaning up the East entry to Somerville it is an unforgiving disgrace. Ward 1 residents stand up to the to the political ignorance occurring in your ward and throughout the city. Hold the current office holders and those running for the first time, ask the hardball questions.

    What are you going to do to make Somerville safe and livable for all the residents. They want it to be a walkable community how can you if you do not feel safe going to the local library, store or wait for the bus.

    This would not occur at Assembly Square would it? It would not occur at City Hall although that is another eyesore.

    Voters & Residents speak up so you are heard lets prevent East Somerville from getting run down, unsafe and undesirable to live.

    Challange the politicians we need them to work and they need our vote to do so.

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