Somerville School Closed Due To Contamination

By William Tauro

Well, at last has something is finally being done about and taken seriously on the severity of this situation. This all taking place while our city elected officials are finally getting off their behinds and doing something about it, but it’s a little to late!

Let’s hope and pray that our students will receive the very best, healthiest, safest and top-notch education that they so highly deserve!


Today’s Email from a Somerville Parent to Other Parents:

Yesterday some WH families learned there is asbestos at the Edgerly, the SPS building where ESCS students were housed for years while their school was under construction, where Tot Time and other programs for young children and teens were until this June, and where they are planning to put Winter Hill school (including my children) this fall.

Please let your elected officials know that functional cities need functional (not poisonous) spaces for children.

* AIM parents have now received an email (copied in the post) but the rest of the school community has not yet received any formal communication.

Today’s Email to Parents from City of Somerville:

Winter Hill Community Innovation School PTA •••

Summer school for AIM students is closed today due to construction. We have confirmation from elected officials that asbestos was uncovered over the course of construction. We are glad that our children are being kept safe from exposure. However, we are sad that there is continued loss of learning time due to building disruptions.

Some AIM parents have indicated that they prefer to skip the last few days of summer school to avoid risks. Others who depend on summer school are inconvenienced and frustrated.

PTA calls on Mayor Katana Ballantyne to provide clear details on the extent of asbestos that was found, and how long it will be before all of it can be safely abated. Our school community deserves clear and timely communication. We definitely need to know that come Aug 30, all of our students will have a place to convene in person, for school. No zoom school please!

Somerville Council of PTAs Massachusetts PTA

We are hoping summer school will be back in session on Monday.

Email to AIM families written last night but received this morning is below.

2 thoughts on “Somerville School Closed Due To Contamination”

  1. Parents nothing to worry about its only August there is a few more weeks before school.
    How about a long term plan on building plan on building repairs and maintenance especially for our children. This is pretty sad school weeks away and we are just doing construction oh and uncovering asbestos? The building is over 75 years old what are they thinking.
    Lets refocus, children, schools and safety. Fire, Police and City employees a safe work environment so they do not get sick and their family loses them.
    With all the taxpayers money being spent on frivolous things yet they do not plan or think ahead to protect our children, first responders, city employees and general public.
    What are the citizens of Somerville thinking? Its time to make your elected officials know what you think and how you feel.

    1. It is sad that the students, parents and teachers get ousted from the Edgerly School after they closed Winterhill.
      Students who need this summer program are treated with no respect. All the nicer facilities these children should be a priority.
      As the city officials focus on such nonsense like the Arts Armory, bike lanes, and other nonessential projects the children suffer.
      What about long term planning, budgetting and property maintenace and repairs.
      Those at the helm of this mess must be held accountable for their lack of dudiligence.
      Look at the WBZ article related to this one it raises the lack of good leadership when it comes to safety in the schools.

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