Chloe Randazzo, of Medford, Awarded Teamsters Local 25 Scholarship

Teamsters Local 25 distributes $60,000 in scholarships to local students as part of annual scholarship program.

Chloe Randazzo, of Medford, is one of 30 students that was recognized with a $2,000 scholarship as part of the Teamsters Local 25 Memorial Scholarship Awards. The students are children or grandchildren of Local 25 members and retirees planning to attend college in the fall.

“Being a Teamster means giving back and this is one of the greatest things we do as a union,” said Teamsters Local 25 President Thomas G. Mari. “These students are smart, engaged and have a world of possibilities ahead of them. Local 25 is proud to award Chloe Randazzo a scholarship and wish her the best at University of New Haven.”

Randazzo is a recent graduate of The Newman School and will attend University of New Haven. Her father, Steven Randazzo, is a Teamsters Local 25 member that works at the City of Medford.

In addition to the 20 Teamsters Local 25 scholarships, seven companies sponsored scholarships: HILB Group, Inc., Feinberg, Dumont & Brennan, Keches Law Group, Planned Strategies, Regan Associates Chartered, Regan Communications Group, the Teamsters Local 25 Retiree Chapter and the Teamsters Local 25 Officers and Agents Scholarship.

Since 2006, Teamsters Local 25 has awarded nearly $900,000 in scholarship funds to families from the union. Proceeds from the annual Teamsters Local 25 Golf Tournament and Cornhole Tournament benefit the scholarship fund. To learn more:

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