Letter from the Editor:Not Following The Rules on Highland Ave Shame On Them

By William Tauro

Noticing this parking lot with only nine vehicles a on Medford Street behind Somerville High School and Somerville City Hall, which has the capacity of holding well over 50 vehicles.

There are only nine vehicles parking in this lot, as of today. I’ll tell you the reason why, because they took away 50 plus parking spots on Highland Avenue not to mention the side streets and they gave parking permits. So they have a free parking permit and free parking right near the high school on Highland Avenue taking away from residents and businesses. Question, why are the teachers not parking in this parking lot when residence cannot find a spot on Highland ave near the high school.
What should happen here is the signage on Highland Avenue that says no parking between 7 AM to 5:30 PM should be removed immediately. Give parking back to the residents and back to the businesses that need it so desperately.

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Not Following The Rules on Highland Ave Shame On Them”

  1. In a densely populated city like Somerville, if a parking lot is not being used, the response should be “convert it to housing”, not “why aren’t more people parking there?”.

    There’s a state-wide housing shortage–and meanwhile we have people (like this Editor) more concerned about the wellbeing of cars than people.

    Not to mention that this parking lot is right next to a brand new train station with service every 7 minutes–why is it still a parking lot and not something better?

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