Brad Rawson’s cContinuing Spree of Failures to this City

By Arthur Moore

It just goes on and on as one failure after another leads to another one. Our Powder House Circle was like a national monument to this city. Not it looks like something out of a comic book causing people to drive more to get around this corn maze. It should be considered defacing a national treasure it is so bad. Why is he still employed here? His job is like plagiarism. He copies things that are in place in other cities and pastes them here.

They make work in other places but certainly they are most definitely not working here. It is like an attack on the elderly and the handicapped making them suffer more than they already do and more difficult to access their homes and places they want to go to. And small business. Why attack them? Just look at what was done to Winter Hill. Why would one do this to this community? It’s a daily problem here with this mess. Almost accidents constantly and actual accidents are so common now. The little I am on Broadway sees tow trucks and cars pieces on the ground. Trying to get on to Fenwick Street is like being in a war zone not knowing which way anyone is coming at you. And the uncommon scene of a lone biker maybe once or twice a week so that so many can suffer for that where it was a never a problem in my over 70 years here. And to add even more insult the next target of destruction is continuing this disaster down to Rush Street. I hope they know that if they file a petition before this starts they can stop this before it destroys their neighborhood as well. There are many parts of Somerville I do not venture into. All of the squares covers most of what I no longer see. So I am not aware how bad those are, I have only heard and none of that is good. This is not a way to make progress in this time and age. Common sense says make it better for small business by having good access to it will reduce car trips. I have to leave Somerville to do my shopping and go to restaurants. I no longer have access to most places. Before I forget in order to make the time of the buses seem less we cut out stops. Bright idea. I used to take the bus to go to my medical appointments in Boston. They took away my stop. I do not have the mobility to get to a bus stop now. Can’t drive to one and park. So now I hop into my big F150 and drive into Boston. With Brad’s help I now drive more. More people are now becoming aware of this person and I hope one day we can get someone that can do the job and not make a mess of things. Maybe get his nose out of the computer and actually look at the problem and use common sense to make it right. What a novel idea.

One thought on “Brad Rawson’s cContinuing Spree of Failures to this City”

  1. Brad Rawson sounds like an egotistical, selfish, pompous ass (with a capital A)! Does he kiss KB’s ass or does she kiss his!!!


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