2 thoughts on “November 22nd, 2022 The Somerville Medford News Weekly Print Edition Online”

  1. Today’s issue of the paper is so informative, as usual. The letter addressed to Mayor Ballantyne by Evelyn Ortiz Re: 90 Washington St. City Plan is another sad and tragic example of the profound disregard and disrespect this Mayor and her Director of Economic Development and some Members of the Council have for the quality of life of the Cobble Hill Residents and in other examples, Residents of Clarendon Hill Towers, (to be highlighted in next edition) as well. This plan for Cobble Hill is unconscionable, outrageous, incompetent, mean-spirited and, unfortunately, is the norm for this current “abnormal” administration and the “abnormal” former administration. I applaud Evelyn Ortiz for her writing such a clear explanation of the hideous plans for Cobble Hill Residents by this cruel thoughtless administration who obviously have extreme distain for elderly and anyone who doesn’t ride a bicycle or isn’t totally enchanted by the GLX.

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