Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Receive Stolen Property, Unregistered MV, Unlicensed Op, Attaching Wrong Plates)

On 11/09/2022, I , Officer Joseph S. Teves was working at the intersection of Medford Street and Central Street, assisting with an unfilled crossing guard post. While in the course of my duties I observed an individual on a black motorcycle travelling southbound on Central Street approaching the intersection that I was posted at.

This individual had no helmet at the time that I observed him. approached the individual and informed him that he would need to pull off of the roadway so we could speak, which he did. Once the motor cycle was out of the roadway the male party dismounted the motorcycle.

I informed the individual who would be later identified as Dragomir Ionut that he is not allowed to operate a motorcycle on the roadway without having a helmet. Mr. Ionut stated that he was aware of this and that he was very sorry, Mr. Ionut went on to further explaine that he was only taking the motorcycle just up the road to another location where it would be parked. Mr. Ionut then informed me that he was actually selling the motorcycle and that he was bringing it to the purchasers residence. I informed Mr. Ionut that where he was trying to take the bike to was not relevant, and that the final location that the motorcycle was going to does not absolve him from the requirement of wearing a helmet. Mr. Ionut stated that he understood. Mr. Ionut then requested that I allow him to walk the motorcycle the rest of the was and that he did not want to get into trouble.

I then requested that Mr. Ionut provide me with his drivers license. Mr. Ionut pulled out two licenses, one was from Washington State, and the second appeared to be from Romania. I informed Mr. Ionut that he was not able to drive on a Washington State license, if he had residency in Massachusetts, which he did. I informed Mr. Ionut that I was going to cut him a break and allow him to walk the bike to its final destination, and that he was not going to be sited and there was not going to be any other action taken at the time, as long as he understood that he was not allowed to operate a motor vehicle on a roadway due to the fact that he was not legally licensed within the state of Massachusetts. And that he would not operate the motorcycle again.

Mr. Ionut confirmed that he understood what I was telling him. I then told Mr. Ionut that he was free to leave. Mr. Ionut then asked if he would be allowed to push the motorcycle on the sidewalk so that he would not be in the roadway, interfering with traffic. I informed Mr. Ionut that utilizing the sidewalk would be a great idea and a safer one at that. Mr. Ionut then took the motorcycle and began walking it southbound, on the sidewalk on Central Street. A short time later my duties at the intersection of Central Street and Medford Street had concluded. I then got into my vehicle and began travelling southbound on Central Street, on my way to the Station.

As I approached the intersection of Central Street and Highland Ave. I heard a motorcycle off to my right. I looked in the direction of the sound and I observed Mr. Ionut in the parking lot located on the corner of Central Street and Highland Ave. Mr. Ionut was observed mounting the motorcycle and edging out onto the sidewalk on Highland Ave. via the exit on that side of the parking lot. I made a right turn into the lot and followed Mr. Ionut out onto Highland Ave. I got Mr. Ionut’s attention and upon realizing it was me he shook his head and pulled over to the right hand side of Highland Ave. facing westbound.

I exited the vehicle and approached Mr. Ionut and asked him why he was operating the motorcycle again, unlicensed, and without a helmet. Mr Ionut tried to tell me he got tired and that he could not push the bike any further, and that he was just going up the road. I then had Mr. Ionut take a seat on the curb and I made a radio transmission to dispatch requesting that they run the New York registration plate that was affixed to the motorcycle The registration number was XXXX. I was informed that the registration plate that I provided came back to a black Yamaha, and was reported as being stolen. I requested that dispatch start me an additional unit as well as a tow truck. I also requested that dispatch have the mobile detention unit (200), respond to my location as well to transport Mr. Ionut back to the station for booking.

I would like to note that the motorcycle was involved in this incident was a Suzuki, and not a Yamaha. Officers R. Desrochers arrived with Officer T. Kartso and assisted with searching and securing Mr. Ionut. Unit 200 shortly arrived on location and transported Mr. Ionut back to the Somerville Police Station where he would be booked in the usual manner by Sgt T. Van Nostrand, for the following charges. Chapter 90 Section 10/A (Unlicensed Operation), Chapter 90 Section 9 (Unregistered motor vehicle), Chapter 90 Section 23/K (Attaching Plates), Chapter 266 Section 60/B (receiving stolen property). I will also be issuing Mr. Ionut Massachusetts Uniform Criminal Citation # T306806, for the aforementioned charges.

In closing I ran the V.I.N of the motorcycle through all regions in CJIS, and the motorcycle itself does not appear to be stolen.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer Joseph S. Teves # 297

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