Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Firehouse Foul! Firefighter Promotional Exam Canceled

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Just sharing. Not diverse enough so they put a hold on it. Not sure. What it does it’s screws a lot of people that have been studying for months.

End of promotional exams as we know it. Now it will be an assessment center. You sit down with a bunch of people picked by city hall they ask you questions. Like on sexual harassment racial harassment. What do you do about it. Not a damn thing about fighting fire. Then they pick who they want. Not 1 out of top 3. Anyone who applied from people taking the test.


Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts
Affiliated with the International Association of Fire Fighters AFL-CIO CLC


TO: All Members
FROM: The Office of the President

Brothers and Sisters,

Today I was notified by Civil Service that the upcoming Lieutenant and Captain Civil Service promotional exam and all future
promotional exams have been canceled until further notice. This cancellation is due to a recent police case.

The PFFM’s attorney, Leah Barrault, will be filing for an emergency order to investigate this matter.
Civil Service will recommend to municipalities that they use a sole assessment center in the interim. The PFFM urges all Locals not to
make any changes to their promotional process. Any changes are a mandatory subject of bargaining.
This is a very fluid matter, and we will update you as soon as further information is available.

In Solidarity,
Richard D. MacKinnon Jr.


Re: Cancellation of 2022 Fire Captain Examination
A ruling was issued recently by the Massachusetts
Superior Court in Tatum v. Commonwealth of
Massachusetts. The issue to be decided was
whether HD’s civil service promotional exams
interfered with the promotion of certain classes of
municipal public safety officers. The Court found
that the creation and format of HRD’s promotional
exam resulted in an exam that was not a valid
selection device.
After careful consideration, in light of the court decision, HRD has decided it needs to cancel the firefighter promotional examination scheduled for November 19, 2022 while it further evaluates the decision and determines next steps.
We are sorry for this development and we will be
working with your appointing authority in the
coming weeks as more information becomes

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