Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Deface Property)

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, I, Officer Pavao, was assigned to marked unit East 2. At 6:56 P.M., I was dispatched along with East 3, Officer Khoury, to 54 Newton Street for Check Condition. The reporting party, Ms. XXXX, stated her neighbor was attacking her. Officer Campers responded as backup. It should be noted that there is an extensive history of disputes between Ms. XXXX and Ms. HARDING, and they have even been physical with each other in the past.

Upon arrival, officers were met by Ms. Christine HARDING, outside. Ms. HARDING stated that she came home from work around 6:45 pm and moved her car into the street and noticed that her back window had been shattered, and she saw shards from a glass beer bottle on the roof of her car. Due to the history between the two parties, Ms. HARDING confronted Ms. XXXX as she believed she was responsible for the damage.

I then spoke with Ms. XXXX, who stated that Ms. HARDING rang her doorbell and yelled for her to come outside and fight her. At this time Ms. XXXX call 9-1-1 and requested Police Officers to respond. Ms. XXXX stated she heard what sounded like her window being smashed. I observed a window on the second floor broken with multiple rocks on the walkway landing. (Photo attached)

Ms. HARDING was speaking with Officer Campers and Khoury. They asked her what happened to the window on the house, and she stated, ” if you’re going to break my window, I’m going to break yours .”While officers were advising Ms. HARDING to speak with management about this ongoing issue with her neighbor, MS. HARDING got agitated. She grabbed a glass bottle of Hennessy and through it at Ms. XXXX front door, causing the glass to shatter.

Ms. HARDING was placed under arrest for defacement malicious wanton property c.266 S126A (Two counts). I then requested Unit #200, operated by Officer Messaoudi, to transport the female back to Somerville Police station to be booked in the usual manner by the shift commander Lieutenant Holland.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Brian Pavao #318
Somerville Police Department

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