Take a Survey About Parking & Curb-Use Policies A Somerville streetscape with a No Parking sign in the foreground

Last month, as part of the ongoing Citywide Parking and Curb-Use Study, the team leading the project shared a slate of proposed recommendations to better use curb space in Somerville. The recommendations include strengthening parking administration and operations, reallocating curb space, changing regulations to better manage parking demand, and revising the permit program.

Now, the project team is seeking public feedback on the recommendations. For example: Should curb space be prioritized for parking, parklets, or plantings? Should the residential parking program transition to a zone-based model? Should residents with off-street parking pay more for an on-street parking permit? Let us know what you think by taking a short survey at the link below.
Citywide Parking & Curb Use Study | SomerVoice

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