Residential Shared Streets Program Returning for Summer/Fall 2022

Shared Streets programs allow streets in residential areas to be utilized by abutters only, creating traffic calming and opening streets for more walking, biking, etc.

Streets will be chosen based on nomination from residents.

MEDFORD – The City of Medford’s residential Shared Streets program is returning for summer/fall 2022, by resident request.

In 2020, in response to COVID-19, the City launched a pilot program on three streets. In 2021, the City expanded this program to nine streets chosen via a neighborhood nomination process. Due to the popularity of this program and excitement within the community for it to return, the City is re-opening applications for street nominations for the 2022 season.

In order to be selected, the City asks that nominated streets show strong support from people who live on and around the street. The nomination form is available at Due to a limited amount of equipment, we may not be able to accommodate all nominated streets but will select streets from a variety of neighborhoods to the greatest extent possible. For our Shared Streets program, secondary/side streets will be considered. Main streets will not be considered for this portion of the program. Nominations for round one are open through July 19th.

What is a shared street?
Shared streets are temporary interventions with cones and signage to give people more space to get around in their neighborhoods car-free and safely. Local traffic, deliveries, and emergency vehicles will still have access to the street, but these interventions discourage cut-through traffic and prioritize the safe use of streets for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Selected streets are available for all to use even if they don’t live on the street. Streets that are chosen will be given the necessary materials and signage at the entrance(s) to indicate the designation as a ‘Shared Street,’ but police enforcement will not be present. Instead, we encourage you to utilize neighbor connections to keep everyone informed about changes to your street. No permanent or temporary furniture will be added to your street during this program, and street parking will not be affected.

How many streets will be selected?
For the initial round of residential Shared Streets in 2022, five streets will be selected. We anticipate opening a subsequent round to support a few more streets should there be enough equipment remaining.

In considering residents’ requests, the City plans to rank proposals using criteria including but not limited to:

Streets within “environmental justice areas”
Public streets (vs. private ways)
Streets that experience high rates of excessive speeding and cut through traffic
Ensure that requests are spread throughout the city and not clustered within a few specific areas

Thank you for nominating your street!

Who do I contact for more info?
If you have any questions about this program please reach out to the Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability at Please also visit for more information.

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