Somerville City Officials Display No Compassion Nor Respect for a Deceased Police Officer

By William Tauro

What’s wrong with our city officials here in Somerville? Have we as a society in Somerville lost any sense of compassion and honor for others and for the deceased?

This past Sunday, a Somerville Police Officer passed away while on duty in his police cruiser.
He was a veteran Somerville Police Officer, a United States Army National Guard Veteran, a friend, a comrade to fellow police officers, a sincere gentleman and a really nice guy who was truly dedicated to his job protecting the citizens of the City of Somerville.

Today, Tuesday, his body was escorted by fellow police officers from the coroners office/morgue in Boston to the George L Doherty Funeral Home in Somerville. His police cruiser #182 that he passed away in was displaying memorial draping across it’s hood and parked at the rotary island directly across the street from the front of the funeral home to honor his passing.

As his deceased body lay in the funeral home for not an hour yet, I was told that Somerville DPW Commissioner Jill Latent demanded that the cruiser be removed immediately off the island. It was reported that she stated that “she didn’t like it there!” She ordered that “Officer Randy Isaacs’s police cruiser (#182) was to be removed from the traffic island at the Powderhouse Rotary immediately.”

It’s location did not impact vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Could it maybe be because she doesn’t like the police? Nothing like kicking people in the ass when they’re mourning for a fellow police officers passing!

In my opinion Commissioner Jill Lathan showed no compassion what so ever. Instead she displayed disrespect to the dead as evil and hate came out of her for this fallen veteran police officer.

What has this once wonderful city turned into?
What have we turned into as a society here in Somerville. Our founding forefathers are probably turning in their graves! Not good, its truly sad, real sad!

25 thoughts on “Somerville City Officials Display No Compassion Nor Respect for a Deceased Police Officer”

  1. Get lost commish. Doing great jobs with all these dumb ass bike lanes and painting of them last 10Pm at night with no warning to owners. My infant child thanks you as do I. You apparently don’t care because you don’t live in this city or even the damn state, go be disrespectful to the people who protect the town you live in, I bet you wouldn’t! Get the fuck gone! Buh-bye ya ducking blow-in time to blow-out!

  2. This is precisely why this post should remain up! To dishonor him is to hide the shameful decision made in removing his vehicle. The vehicle was to honor his services.

  3. This is precisely why this post should remain up! To dishonor him is to hide the shameful decision made in removing his vehicle. The vehicle was to honor his services.

  4. Lathan appears to be a Cop hating BLM Lesbian. She not only doesn’t live in Somerville but doesn’t live in the State. FIRE HER. She is a stain on the History of the City.

  5. I served thirty one years as a police officer in the city of Somerville and twenty three years in the United States Air Force and Air Force reserves. I am a life long resident of Somerville and I am very embarrassed to think that a DPW commissioner should make a decision with such disregard for the service that Officer Randy Issacs had performed not only for the city but also for the country. Maybe the commissioner should read her US history and she what freedoms she enjoys because of someone like Randy. He never had to serve in Afghanistan but he elected to not only once but twice. I won’t mention you by name but you are a disgrace to this city. Also if I am not mistaken it’s not your job to make such a decision. I just hope the mayor resolves this matter.

  6. I’ll be happy to let you know who I am as soon as everyone else stops hiding, CHICKENS!!!🫣 says:

    Everyone in here crying about some stupid police car, you guys clearly have nothing no better to do with your time. Furthermore, there’s better issues out there that better qualify to be discussed than this BS. F the police, as long as We have to say “hands up don’t shoot” ✊🏾#BLM

    1. Keyboard warrior. Another spineless leftist living in his/her mom’s basement. BLM and ANTIFA and cucks like you will be destroyed by people like me.

    2. There sure are a lot more important things than “some stupid police car”, it’s called respect.

    3. Fuck BLM. This is a white collar city mf. Get the fuck out u yuppy 👮‍♂️ ⚡️ ⚡️⚡️

  7. I had the honor and privelage of serving the citizens of Somerville for 32 years. When I began my career police officers were respected and appreciated. Under the apointing authority of Mayor Brune or Mayor Capuano a DPW Commisioner would never have authority to disrespect a fallen Police Officer and a US Veteran. I can only hope that if DPW Commisioner Lathan should call upon the Somerville Police they show the Commisioner the same respect.
    Randy thank you for your services. R.I.P.

  8. This city should be ashamed of itself nothing but a bunch of disrespectable idiots running this city!!!
    This mayor should step up and do the right thing!
    I hope they never need a police officer I would let them rot!!!!i

  9. Since when is the DPW Commisioner in charge of the rotaries? I’m glad that the Police and Fire do not answer to her. She should be replaced and hopefully they will put someone in charge who is not Police hater.

  10. Ms. Lathan, you are a short term political appointed hack. You will be short term and then forgotten. The man you disrespected gave his all for our city. He was loved and respected by the community for his compassionate and disciplined enforcement of the law. The and women and men members of the SPD can ignore you and your lack of decency. His legacy will live on while you are forgotten.
    Thank you Officer Isaacs for your service to the the members of the community. May you Rest In Peace and your family take solace in your legacy.

    John O’Connor SPD retired.

  11. So let me get this straight, we’re being “protected “ by a chief and 2 deputies that can’t protect themselves or their department

  12. You all need to grow a pair, it’s funny when it’s time to be sensitive to things you guys pick and choose when to be sensitive sand by “you guys” I mean white peoples and that’s a shame…

  13. Jill Lathan, a mother will bury her son, that is who Randy Isaac is first A SON TO A GRIEVING MOTHER. The mourning bunting on his cruiser is the ultimate in respect as a Somerville Police Officer which was his job, one he performed with grace, kindness and the need to protect and serve, as he did as an active Army veteran too. The cruiser in which he proudly served the citizens of this city was parked outside Doherty’s with the mourning bunting out of respect and to help the citizens and a department start to heal, as the department is devastated and some will have a more difficult time during this time as they were on scene working the same shift as their fallen brother. Your demand in removing the cruiser from in front of Doherty’s is shameful and disrespectful especially towards a grieving mother of a man who has dedicated his life to service not only to this city but his country, maybe a resignation is in order because you are not any kind of leader you’re disgraceful and a bully something this city prides itself in trying to stop you’re no example,

  14. Jill Lathan, you should be ashamed of yourself… publicly disrespect a fallen police officer and his heartbroken family. He protected the city you work for. SHAME on YOU….PUT his cruiser back to be HONORED💙. R.I.P. RANDY

  15. The Police do not work for the DPW Commissioner. The Police work for the City and are Supervised by the Police Chief. I hope Car 182 is returned to the same location during the Services Honoring the fine Police Officer and Soldier. I’m not surprised by Her disrespect. Time for the Mayor to step in and insure this Officer is Honored as He should be. He earned it.

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