By Bob Katzen

The Transportation Committee held a virtual hearing on a measure that would amend a current law which prohibits drivers with suspended licenses from getting their license reinstated, after the suspension is over, until they pay off the entire associated fine for the underlying offense.

The measure would allow the driver to have his license reinstated as long as he or she makes partial payments of at least $25 per month toward the outstanding balance of the fine.

Sponsor Rep. Joseph McGonagle (D-Everett) said that many people owe fees of thousands of dollars which can be difficult to pay off in one sum. “This bill eases that burden,” said McGonagle. “Prior to my time as a representative, I had several employees whose lives were hindered by this law and I saw how detrimental it could be. I’m extremely proud of our partnership and commitment to fixing this issue, one that affects many across the commonwealth. Unless you know someone in this situation, you probably don’t realize what a serious problem it can be.”

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