Children’s Book Review: The Adventures of Sunshine and Papa

Review by Joe Viglione

The Adventures of Papa and Sunshine by Kitoto Sunshine Love is a marvelous Saturday morning walk through a magical land.

Part real-life and part fiction with highly entertaining artwork by Kristen Niedzielski The Adventures of Papa and Sunshine is as fun a read as Laura Numeroff’s collection – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, etc. Yet Kitoto has come up with an entirely different approach to media for young adults.

Niedzielski’s marvelous use of pastels give the imagery its own life, in perfect harmony with Kitoto’s simple story-telling that makes for an appealing journey. The author never tells the readers, young and old, who her famous father is, and that adds to the charm. It’s a unique “historical fiction” as Sunshine Love’s artistic license gives the reader a real/imagined story with her dad that could lead to a multiverse of tales as L. Frank Baum worked with his Wizard of Oz series. That they actually lived in an historical town, and that her dad was involved with musicians such as the Beatles, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Sylvia Robinson, Lou Rawls and so many others, makes the humble and heartfelt story so different…and important.

Here is a fellow and his daughter living their private lives (and these adventures) separate from the final Beatles tour. It is a daughter sending a private message to dad while giving the children and their parents something of interest. This compelling book will have readers picking it up again and again for the first of the Adventures of Papa and Sunshine.

Book Title: The Adventures of Papa and Sunshine
Author: Kitoto Sunshine Love
ISBN # 978-166410-7792-51499
Category: Children’s book
Print length ‏ : ‎ 32 pages

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