One thought on “September 21st, 2021 The Somerville Medford News Weekly Print Edition Online”

  1. I’m leaving a message to every news station and paper that i can. My Granddaughter goes to Tufts University, recently a water main or pipe busted and water cover her dorm room, the did use a water vac however they never cleaned and mold started to fill her room, there’s mold on the walls and they have done NOTHING!! She’s now coughing plus they have her using the boy laboratory which is not safe or sanitary. My question is why haven’t they done something? If nothing is done by tomorrow no later than Tuesday i will send and call every tv, new channel, talk show and attorney. I live in Cincinnati OH and this concern me a great deal thank you for any help you can offer. Ms Tina Hope 513-344-3010

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