William “Billy” Tauro Still In Somerville Mayoral Race

Dear #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021 Supporters,

This race is far from over, so please don’t count me out yet!

We’re not going to let them get away with anything trust me. We did not lose this race. We all know and believe there are many absentee and early voting ballots among the missing and we have to try to trace that down now and we will. We have a Plan B in place just in case something like this would’ve happened and believe me we are in a better position today than we were a week ago! I will be making a formal announcement this week!

Also on another note, please look at another bright side to all this. In running this campaign, we took out a nine term corrupt, drug addict of a mayor and got him to not run for reelection. That corrupt, drug addicted mayor would be Joe Curtatone! Half of our mission has been fully accomplished and now the other half of our mission begins!

So trust me and stay tuned…

I am extremely anxious and very confident that I will be able to represent all of you as your voice protect this city from any further destruction of the progressive Liberals and protect your rights and your voice!

Until the FBI complete their process I still have only 45 days to run my campaign so every day counts that’s why we’re running a sticker campaign

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us but, we will be working full speed ahead to get this resolved for a November 2nd mayoral victory!


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