Tauro Campaign To Contest Somerville Mayoral Primary Election Results Due to Election Fraud. So Yes We’re Still In The Race…

“Everything is fine no worries my attorney actually said this morning we’re in better shape today then we were two days ago I’ll explain when I speak to you but we are in it to win it still!”

We are not out of this race by any means! Our campaign is still alive and kicking full speed ahead and our goal is to cross the finish line on November 2nd together victoriously as the next mayor of Somerville!

Due to the many discrepencies and alleged mishandling of the election ballots and results, the Tauro Campaign is pursuing legal action and an investigation into the several matters that appear questionable. If anyone would like to provide accurate information as to any experiences they considered questionable by the election process, please feel free to contact the FBI office in Chelsea Massachusetts at or directly contact Billy Tauro at 617 293 2016.  
We want to hear of your experience and any information may be helpful to this investigation.

In some cases, voters may be invalidly disenfranchised, which is true electoral fraud. For example, a legitimate voter may be “accidentally” removed from the electoral roll, making it difficult or impossible for the person to vote.

Until the FBI complete their process I still have only 45 days to run my campaign so every day counts that’s why we’re running a sticker campaign


So from this moment on we have turned this mayoral campaign into a Write-In/Sticker Campaign

Thank you,
William Tauro

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