Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Luciano DELIRA & Jose DUBON (ABDW

On August 18, 2021 I was in full uniform working for the Somerville Police Department in a patrol capacity. I responded to the area of 145 Broadway for a report of an assault. The reporting party stated he was struck with a stick. Officer C. Fusco and Ofc. Jean-Jacques responded as backup.

Once on scene I spoke with Mr. Jose Dubon and Mr. XXXX. Mr. Dubon explained to me the following with the assistance of Mr. XXXX translating. Mr. Dubon gave Mr. Luciano Delira $10.00 to pay for some food. After a few minutes Mr. Delira returned to the bus stop where the three were seated without the food. He acted as if nothing had happened. Mr. Dubon confronted Mr. Delira about the missing food. At this time Mr. Delira struck Mr. Dubon over the head two to three times with a large wooden stick that he carries. After being struck the two wrestled on the floor until they were separated. Mr Delira left the area with the stick. Mr. XXXX stated he witness the entire event and corroborated Mr. Dubons statement.

I requested Cataldo Ambulance to assess any injuries which Mr. Dubon may have sustain. He declined any medical treatment on scene.

While standing by while Mr. Dubon was having his injuries evaluated, Mr. Dubon pointed across the street and said that was Luciano. I looked across the street and observed an animated individual who was yelling and waving his arms. I approached him and identified him as Mr. Luciano Delira.

I asked Mr. Delira to explain to me what had occurred this evening. Mr. Delira stated that he was at the park with Mr. Dubon and Mr. XXXX when Mr. Dubon started an arguement with him. At one point he removed a black knife and swung it at him. Mr. Delira then spit on the ground to show me that he was bleeding from his mouth/tongue. I observed a very small cut on the side of Mr. Deliras tongue. I asked Mr. Delira to describe the knife that Mr. Dubon allegedly was in possession of. He stated it was a black knife and used his hands to show me the size which was approximately 6-8 inches.

Upon learning this information, I walked Mr. Delira across the street to be evaluated separately by Cataldo Ambulance for his injury. Mr. Delira also declined any medical treatment.

While Mr. Delira was being evaluated I returned to Mr. Dubon. I asked Mr. Dubon if he had a knife on him. He stated he did and it was in his pocket motioning towards his front left pocket. I patted the exterior of the pocket and could feel what I believed to be a knife. I retrieved an all black folding knife. This folding knife is approximately 8 inches when fully extended in an open position.

Due to the statement made by all parties involved I placed both Mr. Jose Dubon and Mr. Luciano Delira under arrest. Both parties handcuffs were double locked and two sets of handcuffs were used on Mr. Delira due to his size.

Mr. Jose Dubon is charged with 265/15A/A – Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon- Knife
Mr. Luciano Delira is charged with 265/15A/B – Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon (60+) – Wood Stick

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Moreira
Patrolman #320

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