The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week!

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Happy Birthday to Max McDade, Mr. Ramos, Nancy Velasquez, Sal & Louise Casparriello, Mr. Hagerty, LouAnn Barton, Craig McCarthy, Crystal Legaski, Eldo Coviello (Bill Coviello), Brian McCarthy, Joe Paolillo, James Smith, Judy Locchi Jacobs (Judith Passera Locchi), Brendan Leahy,
Peter Gonchar, Ellen O’Neil-Driscoll, Dickie Morgan, Wendy Gamache Smith, Courtney O’Keefe, Tricia Lee, Kathy Sullivan, Vickie McLeod, Johnny Hayes, Dave Hamma Hamilton, Robin Vasco St Pierre, Calvin Bertocchi, Roy Bertocchi, Todd Reeves, Pat Ng, Shannon Hardy, Anita Dill Fusco, Martha Romano, Diane Lesanto Sousa, Alby Gilbert, Mark R Whitehead, Mike Schroth, Carlo Prisco, Nadia Baldasaro, Jennifer Graham Salvato, Janice D’Angeli Arruda, Paul Pascucci, Laureen DeBrase, Joanna Serrecchia Brosnan, Brian Garrant, Ellen Seidlich, Michael Ferreira, David Johnson, Daniel Farias, Samantha Cicerone (Simoes), Kimberly Filosi MacLauchlan, Jennifer Lewis, Lynne Connor-Travers, Gary Gartland, Anthony John Boyd Jr., Larry Rogers, Dotty Fess Harkins, JoAnn Eichelroth, Joseph Lodato, JoeyDoll Liberatore – Garden, Michael Powers, Annmarie Sciascia DiGiovanni, Charlene McCaughey O’Neill, Kathleen Clinton, Kevin McMahon, Bobby Murphy, Lenny Vigilante, Carol Allen, Ken Salvato, John Deal, Debbi Hession, Brandon Scot Downs (Brando), Nicole Thompson (Nikki D), Tommy Vargus, Derek Yurko, Donna Goode, John Mcneill, Donnie Mulligan, Christine Olson, Donna Higgins Dodge, Marie Killoren Bates, Bob Wilson, Happy 11th Birthday to Robert (Bob) Foley, Happy 97th Birthday to Margaret Klessens, Happy 80th Birthday to Vanessa Welch’s Dad and a very special Happy 10th Birthday to beautiful Giuliana!
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