When Reality Sinks In When Billy Tauro Wins The Election

By Tom Ford

This is in response to a question asked of What’s the deal with the Billy Tauro signs popping up everywhere??
Well here is your answer in a nutshell from a local Somerville resident with a multitude of years of election Knowlege:

You will all be wearing a set of diapers when Billy gets elected. There is no other candidate remotely qualified to deal with the pile of crap left behind.

This city is not someone’s piggy bank to do as they choose. Taxpayers should immediately demand a full and complete audit of all departments and personnel.

I’m wondering what you will all do once your freebies will dry up — all those art studios, lame festivals, carnival actors running through the streets with green fishnet stockings, water slides on busy streets, and all those donations drying up.

Before you accuse anyone of racism, look in your own backyards. Clogging up traffic by leaping in front of moving vehicles with signs is a violation. How many of you have actually worked closely with, gone out to dinner, invited a person of color into your homes? This entire city is mostly comprised of young, white, extreme liberal from closed communities that are unaffordable to many of other races and ethnic backgrounds. Too many lunatic academics with too much extra time who are never satisfied with anything they are given. Try to pull this crap in any other town and you would get the door slammed in your face.

The council has been exposed for not serving the entire constituency as they were hired to do. They have been catering to only one segment of the population while leaving the working class to fed for themselves. I’m guessing the Tab at city hall finally ran out. You will all have to get real jobs and fend for yourselves. No more free lunch. That includes the self serving, opportunistic council. We are tired of trying to hold them accountable for doing the jobs they were hired to do. Instead they catered to their boss’s constant demands. They see now how far it got them.

They all have full time jobs making an estimate of $75+k, with benefits and $45k, as councilors. Add their family members city jobs, as architects/developers, affiliations and perks with nearby colleges, and jobs there (3 members), all scream conflict of interest. They were all picked to serve a purpose. To change our city into a preferred sprawling campus abutting all 3 colleges. That’s not what a real community is— that’s an occupied movement which leaves thousands without sustainable futures while the fat 1% do as they please.

The people will speak at the upcoming election. By the way, those buildings with signs are not all owned by Billy’s family, but they do own a substantial amount as I understand. You don’t even realize what the sleeping giants of this city will be bringing on … a rude awakening of who’s really in charge. It will be so great to finally breathe again without the insufferable dictator who destroyed our city. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out….. then again maybe it should.

One more thing, there are many empty apartments sitting on the market because renters got fed up. Mainstream media will never report all the crime in this city or real estate down turns. That’s a fact. It’s all based on lies….. the safe injection sites will never happen. Too many good families destroyed by the oxy trafficking. Don’t worry, change is good, everyone needs to learn how to adapt. Isn’t that what you types always say? Or does it only apply to working class? Fact is– you could never be us and we would never want to be you.

Lazy readers don’t get far in life. Reading comprehension can be a wonderful thing if you are willing to do the work.

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