Top Comment of the Week:Support of Law Enforcement Officers

Thank you for your support of law enforcement officers Bill. I have a deep fear that the current anti-police climate fueled by the national media coverage of anything that can be used to enhance their narrative will deter many good men and women of all races, genders and backgrounds from seeking careers in law enforcement.

Recruitment by police agencies across this state and the country is way down. How many highly qualified potential candidates have changed their mind due to the current climate. Then the fact that officers work nights, weekends and holidays and miss many family events. Police Officers in most departments are required to wear body armor because of the risk of being shot. Body worn cameras to monitor their every word and move are becoming standard. Add to that, if the protection of qualified immunity is taken away, who will want to risk their home and personal property for a career as a police officer. Keep that in mind. If that happens, who will answer that 911 call at what is often the worst moment of your life. Some of the best future officers are watching and deciding if the career is worth the personal risk.

Paul Upton

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